BandonCares is you! It’s a network of Bandon’s nonprofit organizations that is composed of all the participating nonprofit organizations’ boards and volunteers.  Its purpose is to facilitate communication, cooperation and collaboration among the many nonprofit groups providing service to the Bandon Community. A volunteer Steering Committee made up of representative nonprofit groups facilitates programs and activities. Email to contact us.

SOCIAL MEDIA 101/201 Workshop

BandonCares Social Media Workshop on July 16, 2015

BandonCares Spring 2015 Networking Dinner  was a great success.  Click the link below to find out the program, participants and see pics and survey results.

BandonCares Spring 2015 Networking Dinner Event


Key Activities of the BandonCares Project

Supporting the Bandon Chamber of Commerce CALENDAR OF EVENTS.

Working with the Bandon Chamber of Commerce to assure that it has, for the Bandon Community Calendar of Events, complete and accurate information on all community events sponsored by nonprofits.

See Chamber of Commerce Calendar of Events.
Click here to submit your event on the Chamber’s submission form.

Facilitating communication and collaboration among nonprofit members and volunteers to both publicize events and calls for help.

Publicizing nonprofit events. Does your Bandon non-profit have an event you’d like to publicize?  Send an email with the details to  We will:

  • send it on to the BandonCares mailing list and
  • post it on our Community Events webpage.

Get on our electronic mailing list.  Click here to  Sign up.

Maintaining a website to provide information to nonprofits about opportunities for recruiting, training and meeting.

HoldiBCClogo_green_BCaresng an event semi-annually to facilitate communication and networking among nonprofits serving Bandon and to provide an educational opportunity.

Providing or sponsoring local training on nonprofit issues and topics.

1 thought on “BandonCares”

  1. This sounds good. I would like to take the class. I need to get more involved with news from E.A.T., Inc.(Everyone At Table)

    Allison B. Hundley


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