Website Guidelines

This community website has been developed collaboratively by Bandon Cares Community Team and the Community Website Partnership for visitors and community members to share and find local information, events, resources, announcements, volunteer opportunities, and projects reflecting the nonprofits serving the Bandon community. We encourage nonprofits, government agencies, places of worship, and groups to share what they do and what they have to offer by creating a free account and posting in the directory, calendar, volunteer, projects, and announcements pages.

Entries for businesses serving Bandon are not currently included. Please consult the Bandon Chamber of Commerce website or the Greater Bandon Association website for business-oriented information.

You must have an account on our system in order to add a listing.

Open to the Community

This community website provides locals a convenient place to search and post services, opportunities and information shared directly by community groups, and nonprofits. All posted information is public and intended to benefit and strengthen our community.

Golden Rule

Treat others with respect and kindness. No slander, cursing or negative speech targeting a person or group of people- please remember the old adage: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Keep it PG

Keep content suitable for a general audience. Please post appropriate content – no slander, cursing, or any imagery not suitable to a general audience.

Keep it Local

Posts should originate locally from organizations directly serving the Bandon community and should be for the public benefit and open to the community. No garage/yard sales, or promotional sales events, unless they are part of a fundraising initiative or greater community effort. No solicitation or personal listings or selling wares.

What's Public is Public

When you post contact information (i.e. phone number, email address, etc), people can contact you without signing up for the website. We are not responsible for the emails and phone calls that you receive through this service.

We can Help

The Community Team answers questions you might have, administers the site, moderates posts, and may even edit spelling and grammar mistakes! Posts not meeting the website guidelines may be archived or deleted.

Contact us at if you need help.

Terms of Submission

I agree to submission: You acknowledge and agree that Bandon Cares and Community Website Partnership shall have no obligation to post, display, or otherwise make publicly available any photo, text, or content or other information submitted by you.

By submitting any photo, text, or other content or information to this website, you hereby represent and warrant that the submitted photo, text, or other content or information does not infringe on any copyright or trademark, any rights of privacy or publicity of any person, or any other right of any third party. You hereby represent and warrant that you have the right to transfer the photo, text, or other content or information free and clear of any claims or encumbrances.

Photos submitted become the property of Bandon Cares and the Community Website Partnership. Bandon Cares and the Community Website Partnership shall have no obligation to preserve, return, or otherwise make available to you or other people any photos or information so submitted.


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