Community Website Partnership

Detailed Information

Community Website Partnership is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, with a mission to strengthen rural communities by bringing people together through technology.

CWP convenes grassroots, rural networks across Oregon to build capacity in technology, community engagement, diversity / equity / inclusion/ justice (DEIJ), and collaboration while developing inclusive, community-driven websites. Every community website improves quality of life for underserved rural residents by promoting increased connection, resilience, and local resources including vital news and updates about COVID and wildfires.

Our Approach supports rural residents taking the lead to build their community’s future.

Our Vision is to create inclusive, accessible, and sustainable community-run websites and develop local networks supporting rural communities to increase connections, collaboration and communication.

Our Goal is to engage residents, nonprofits and businesses using our Community Website template and Partnership process to promote community building and positive change.

We Offer a unique, guided process to create and maintain websites that promote community awareness, connectedness, and community building.

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