12/21/2019 – Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day – Lunch & Memorial

by | Dec 12, 2019 | Event

10th Annual Coos County National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day
2019 Lunch and Memorial
Saturday, December 21st, 201911 am to 2 pm
Harmony United Methodist Church,
123 Ocean Boulevard, Coos Bay

Share luncheon foods, soups, salads, sweets & warm drinks
made by the Church Congregation & Sugar Shack Bakery.
Free clothing, socks, hygiene items, and local resources for
health, communication, housing and food.
At 1:15 pm, Pastor Don Ford will conduct a memorial of
solemn remembrance to commemorate our homeless and
formerly homeless friends who died this past year.

Guests will leave with food, a choice of vouchers for food,
laundry & supplies, a candle, and items for a nighttime
ceremony to honor their friends in sacred candle light ~
feeling the chill of how rough it is to live outside every night
while setting their friends’ souls free.

If you have special items that you feel could enrich a private ceremony to honor our friends who have died in the past year, please let me know. For example: Candles, rocks, shells, feathers, wood pieces, etc…. You can also donate them to the church during their regular hoursor bring them to the event on the 21st.

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