BANDONCARES Spring 2015 Survey

At the BandonCares Spring 2015 Networking Dinner on April 15, 2015, we asked each participant to fill out a survey to help the BandonCares Steering Committee better understand the desires of the community and how BandonCares can better serve it.

There were two primary questions, each with a list of items to be ranked from “Most Important” to “Not Important or N/A.”   The highest possible weighted average score is 3.

  • The first question was to rank a list of 11 activities that BandonCares might engage in to serve the community.
  • The second was to rank a list of 18 topics for speakers, workshops or training sessions. The results for these questions are displayed below.




And here are comments recorded in response to some open-ended discussion questions.


  • Education, keeping volunteers excited and keeping networking alive.
  • I like knowing what others in the community are doing. Connecting with funders & organizations is essential. It helps me to “brag” about Bandon and recruit employees.
  • Activities like this one when we can be in contact with each other and with organizations that can contribute to our work.
  • Wonderful to actually meet people face to face instead of phone calls and email; Fabulous that BandonCares offers direction to some in need or to develop community enrichment.
  • Participating in Bandon Cares provides an opportunity for collaboration – strengthens community bonds.
  • Training opportunities; good food, good company and getting some visibility within the community
  • Networking with others to support each others efforts. Learning from each other.
  • Our program, like many in this room, has to have funding to make the program work for children
  • Knowing who is out there to work with and/or get help from.
  • BandonCares helps us (as a funder) to learn what good projects are out there, especially local projects. And helps put a face to a name.
  • It’s great to hear about what nonprofits we actually have here.


  • Share costs between nonprofits promoting events for use in insert into utilities bill.
  • How to evaluate and talk about impact.
  • I think that a database with contacts for nonprofits in the area and a calendar. There might be something already that I’m not aware of.
  • Get a grant for Coffee Break ads for nonprofits.
  • Community calendar.
  • Local Workshop – on fund development
  • I’d like BandonCares to sponsor a detail training program by Alexa Carey on using Facebook and creating FB pages.
  • Calendar of events
  • A calendar; leverage group for discounts for coffee break ads; do a mailer for those who don’t have computers
  • We want to have our own website but need skills. Need training on evaluations.  We need more evening opportunities for webinars or education.
  • Email/communications with others, especially calendar planning.
  • We need local workshops – in Coos Bay, Coquille, N Bend. The need for basic computer skills is great.
  • Show measurable results (Seeley), Alexa Carey’s 75 minute Facebook presentation
  • Getting the word out about events.
  • If they could share wisdom with others – branch out!


  • Demonstrate to nonprofits and general community the difference we have made. Survey results.  How do we talk about and measure impact?
  • Ability to access Alexa’s power points on line for printing if wanted.
  • Congratulations – great event
  • I am very new to this. I’ve been on the pool board just a few months, and really don’t know much about working with other nonprofits. What we have in common is we all need money.
  • Here to network with those doing good work in the community so that we have a closer connection to those requesting funds.
  • Thank you for your efforts!
  • Nice job with this get together!
  • Want to know more about how to demonstrate by evaluation that BandonCares is effective – how can we measure the impact?
  • This is a chance to give back to the community – it’s been a fantastic place to live.
  • I became involved in Good Neighbors through my church and it just reinforces my christian values in serving my fellow man.
  • Thank you! you have a wonderful community!
  • Thank you so much for putting this on. Great experience and great food.  Looking forward to collaborating in the future with the organizations yere. You all rock!
  • What is crowd funding?
  • I appreciate what this organization does but I’m not very good at coordinating or organizing. I’ll do what I can. Thank you.